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Savoring Success: Partnership with CAVALRY

The Lemonade Circle is bursting with pride and excitement as we celebrate our fruitful partnership with CAVALRY! 🤝 This incredible organization has opened doors of opportunity for our girls, providing them with valuable training and real-world experiences in project management.

💜 Unlocking the Future:

With CAVALRY's guidance, our girls are on their way to earning project management certifications, equipping them with essential career development skills for a successful future. We believe in empowering our young women to seize every opportunity and dream big!

🍋 Shining Stars:

Nine of our Lemonade Circle members have already had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Tracie Edmonds within the program. Emerald Meyers, Erin Bean, Janabou Diallo, Kalyn, Kayla Barnes, Kelsey Allwood, Lenae Sage, Maryah Walker, Rhiauna, and Nevaeh Sage are true trailblazers, showcasing their dedication and brilliance in project management.

🌟 From Inception to Success:

CAVALRY has been an unwavering supporter of The Lemonade Circle from the very beginning. In fact, they played a significant role in helping us secure our non-profit status. Their commitment to our mission and vision has been a driving force behind our achievements.

💪 Empowering through Partnership:

Our partnership with CAVALRY embodies the essence of empowerment, as we work together to empower young women to #makeLEMONADE! 🍋 It is through the support of organizations like CAVALRY that we continue to nurture a sisterhood of leaders, creators, and visionaries.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to CAVALRY for their unwavering dedication to our girls and for providing them with the tools they need to thrive. Together, we are making a difference, one project at a time!


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