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School Ambassador Program

The Lemonade Circle Ambassador Program aims to identify and empower young female leaders within your school community. These ambassadors, selected for their effective communication skills and commitment to positive impact, serve as role models and advocates for their peers. Ambassadors are offered training workshops by the Lemonade Circle. They form a supportive peer network, hold each other accountable, and serve as mentors.

Reading Aloud in Classroom

Program Overview:

Empower young women in to serve as ambassadors and role models on their school campuses and in their communities.

Training Workshops: The girls in the ambassador program participate in training sessions that cover crucial aspects of leadership, effective communication, networking, and the core values of The Lemonade Circle. From Social Media Safety to Personal Hygiene and Self-Care, these workshops equip our ambassadors with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Peer Support Network: Ambassadors build a peer support network where they hold each other accountable, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and address challenges together. Serving as mentors, they offer support to younger ambassadors and students who may need extra guidance.


Campus Project Planning: Guided by our Empowerment Circle Model, ambassadors lead projects addressing specific needs within their schools. From anti-bullying campaigns to mental health initiatives, community-building events, and donation drives, our ambassadors actively contribute to making a positive impact.

Attendance/Participation: Ambassadors attend regularly scheduled meetings, either on campus or virtually, to discuss challenges, share updates, and receive ongoing training and support. Their commitment ensures the success of the program and the positive influence they bring to their school communities.


Pouring Out Potential...

The heart of our mission lies in the Empowerment Circle Model, which serves as the foundation for the Ambassador Program. Through our 5 dynamic Empowerment Circles, we provide a holistic approach to personal and collective development. Ambassadors explore, build skills, and foster sisterhood, gaining not only knowledge but also the confidence to transform life's challenges into opportunities for growth.

Positive Campus Impact:

By implementing the Lemonade Circle Ambassador Program, your school can create a positive campus culture centered around diversity, inclusivity, and support. This contributes to a safe and encouraging environment for both students and staff.

Expertise in Education:

Ms. Brandi, the driving force behind The Lemonade Circle Ambassador Program, brings a wealth of passion, expertise, and commitment to empowering young women. With a background deeply rooted in education and leadership development, Ms. Brandi has dedicated her career to creating spaces where individuals can flourish and reach their full potential.


Why Choose 

The Ambassador Program

Engage in workshops, seminars, group discussions, and team-building exercises. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build lasting friendships in a supportive environment.

Activities and Conversation:

Explore identities, express authenticity, and develop leadership skills through mentorship programs, leadership training sessions, and identity workshops. Empower members to become confident leaders.

Leadership and Identity Development:

Foster community through activities, collaborative projects, and group outings. Strengthen bonds, cultivate trust, and celebrate each other’s successes to create a supportive community where every member feels valued and empowered.

Team Building:

Prepare for the future with resources, guidance, and mentorship. From college application assistance to resume building workshops, we equip members with skills and knowledge for success.

College and Career Readiness:

Prioritize mental health with confidential counseling services, mindfulness practices, and stress management techniques. Promote open dialogue and eliminate stigma to create a culture of support.

Mental Health Support:

Immerse in an environment that encourages holistic growth, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our program strives to instill a sense of balance and resilience in every ambassador.

Holistic Growth

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