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Quench Your Thirst for Community

Become a Lemonade Circle Member!

Become a member of the Lemonade Circle and unlock a world of sweet possibilities.  As a member, you'll have access to a refreshing blend of leadership opportunities, inspiring events, and connections with like-minded lemonade ladies.

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Calling girls 5th grade and up! Are you ready to join the Lemonade Circle and become part of an amazing community? Memberships start at $100 per year and unlock a world of opportunities for growth, empowerment, and fun. You'll gain access to exclusive events, workshops, mentorship, and more. Get ready to meet new friends, discover your leadership potential, and make a positive impact. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to be part of something special. Join the Lemonade Circle today and let's create some unforgettable memories together!

Join the Circle!

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Squeeze Out the Benefits

Access to exclusive events and workshops

Internship and job opportunities

Leadership development and
skill-building activities

Community impact projects with community service hours

Discounted college tours and leadership programs

Opportunities to serve on committees and organizations

The Lemonade Circle T Shirt



"The Lemonade Circle has given me an opportunity to be loved with open arms while being motivated by African American women who share a drive for helping the community and wanting excellence in our future. The Lemonade Circle has given me confidence and security in myself."


"The Lemonade Circle has brought new opportunities into my life that I never thought were possible. The Lemonade Circle allows me to explore all paths and avenues of how I want my life to go while also interacting with other girls that look just like me and have the same mindset."


"The Lemonade Circle has given me confidence and security in myself. It has helped me unlock my voice and use it to make change in my community. I am so grateful for Ms. Brandi and the confidence she has in us to make real change."


"The Lemonade Circle has made me into a better person. Before I became apart of this organization I was never apart of the community. Once I learned what I could do, my mental health has improved. Being around people and getting skills and experience has made me happy. I’d love to continue to grow alongside the Lemonade Circle."

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