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GENES-SiS stands for Girls Engaged in Natural sciences, Engineering, and Space innovation - Science In the Summer (GENES-SiS). This 11-week summer experience is created to inspire and empower young Black girls in S.T.E.M. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes hands-on S.T.E.M. kits, professional development opportunities, and a supportive community environment to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and leadership skills among participants.

This Summer!

Program Timeline:

  • Week 1: Citizen Science Introduction (Virtual)

  • Week 2: STEM-Kit Intro Workshop (Virtual)

  • Week 3: STEM Kit Distribution Event (In-Person)

  • Week 4: Introduction Video Shoot (In-Person)

  • Week 5-7: STEM-Kit Check-In: Cohort 1-3 (Virtual)

  • Week 8: Science Communication Video Shoot (In-Person)

  • Week 9: STEM-Kit Completion Meeting (Virtual)

  • Week 10: Final GENES-SiS Video Shoot (In-Person)

  • Week 11: GENES-SiS Scholarship Ceremony (In-Person)

Science Class

Squeeze Out the Benefits

Hands-On STEM Kits

Professional Development Opportunities

Connecting with companies in the STEM fields

Inspiring Guest Speakers

Scholarship Showcase & $300 Stipend

Empowerment & Confidence Building

The Lemonade Circle T Shirt


Laptop and Phone

Application Process:

  • Apply Online: Submit your application through our website during the application period.

  • Application Review: Our team reviews each application to select candidates who demonstrate a passion for STEM and a commitment to personal and academic growth.

  • Notification: Receive an email notification regarding the status of your application.

Taking Note

Interview Selection:

  • Interview Invitation: Candidates who meet our initial criteria will be invited to participate in an interview.

  • Interview Preparation: Prepare for your interview by reflecting on your STEM interests, experiences, and goals.

  • Interview: Engage in a virtual interview to discuss your passion for STEM and your interest in the program.


Contract Signing:

  • Congratulations! Upon successful completion of the interview process, you'll receive an offer to join the GENES-SiS program.

  • Review and Sign: Review the offer letter outlining your commitment to actively participate in all program activities and adhere to program guidelines

  • Return Contract: Return the signed contract by the specified deadline to secure your spot in the program.

Lab Experiments

Summer Program Preparation:

  • Welcome Package: Receive a welcome package containing important program information, including dates, schedules, and requirements.

  • Preparation Tasks: Complete any pre-program tasks or assignments to ensure you are ready for the start of the program.

  • Connect with Peers: Join our online community to connect with fellow participants and start building relationships.

Online Class

Summer Program:

  • Orientation: Attend an orientation session to learn more about the program structure, expectations, and resources available to you.

  • Hands-On Activities: Engage in hands-on STEM activities, workshops, and projects designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.

  • Guest Speaker Sessions: Participate in guest speaker sessions featuring experienced STEM professionals who share their insights and expertise.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation and Showcase:

  • Scholarship Showcase: Celebrate your achievements and the completion of the program with fellow participants, mentors, and supporters.

  • Graduation Ceremony: Attend a graduation ceremony where you'll receive recognition for your hard work and dedication, along with your $300 stipend for successfully completing the program.

  • ​Explore leadership roles within the GENES-SiS program and empower future participants to pursue their dreams in STEM.

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