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Pouring Possibilities

Ms. Brandi is on a mission to unleash the potential within the Lemonade Ladies! She serves up opportunities to transform the girls into the unstoppable leaders they were born to be. Ms. Brandi is pouring into her girls with love and encouragement. She believes in their dreams and pushes them to soar beyond their imaginations.

In Ms. Brandi's world, there's no room for simply having a seat at the table – she wants the girls to own the table! It's all about empowering them to take charge, to make their voices heard, and to shape the future they envision. Ms. Brandi is here to ignite their inner fire and unleash their limitless potential!

The Lemonade Board

With their expertise and passion, The Lemonade Circle Board fuels our mission of empowerment. From strategic planning to community outreach, they bring the zest that makes our lemonade extraordinary. Guiding us towards greatness, they ensure our girls have the brightest futures. Let's raise a glass to their leadership!

Brandi Coleman

Founder & Ceo


I am no longer accepting
the things I cannot change...
I am changing the things
I can no longer accept.

-Angela Davis


Prane Royster 

Chief Operating Officer


Ryn Pitts

Director of Marketing & Branding


Ellen Cook

STEM Circle Director

Our Lemonade Leaders

Squeeze in and Make a Difference!

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