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Recap of the 2024 #MakeLEMONADE Queen Dedication Ceremony

We are still basking in the glow of our amazing morning on March 2nd at the University of The Incarnate Word. We came together to recognize, uplift, and cheer for nine phenomenal women who are making waves in the San Antonio community. Let me tell you, it was more than an event; it was a celebration of sisterhood, resilience, and pure girl power.

Meet the Queens:

  1. Monique Broadnax (@imbrace_education)

  2. Antonisha "Nisi" Bennet

  3. Haddesah Jones (@prestigious_jewels)

  4. Dr. Morgan Jones (@spurs)

  5. Jessica Reynolds (@purplecouchtherapy)

  6. Rai Washington (@atherdefense)

  7. Ashley Johnson (@projectpromdresssa)

  8. Davi'na Lathers (@aloriiaa)

  9. Deborah Omowale Jarmon (@archivemuseum)

These women, our 2024 #MakeLEMONADE Queens, are not just names on a list. They are warriors, creators, and visionaries. The ceremony was a heartfelt acknowledgment of their hustle, heart, and the positive impact they've made on our lives.

The energy was electric as we shared stories of triumph, resilience, and giving back. From Monique Broadnax's work in education to Ashley Johnson's dedication to Project Prom Dress SA, every story was a testament to the values we hold dear at The Lemonade Circle — empowerment, mentorship, and community connection.

Crowning each Queen wasn't just a formality; it was a affirmation of their commitment to the essence of The Lemonade Circle values. It was a recognition of the hard work, passion, and love they've poured into the San Antonio community.

What made this ceremony truly special was the chance for our Queens to connect with the younger generation of leaders — our Lemonade Circle girls. They shared not just their stories but their essence, proving that every girl has the potential to be a queen in her own right.

As we move forward, I can feel the impact of these Queens rippling through our Lemonade Circle. They've sown seeds of empowerment and positive change that will continue to bloom in our community. To our Queens, you are not just leaders; you are our inspiration and our living proof that, indeed, we can all #MakeLEMONADE.

Keep shining, Queens. The world needs more of your magic.

Love and Lemonade,



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