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Operation Inspiration: Lemonade Circle's STEM Leadership Summit

We couldn't be more thrilled to give a shout-out to the amazing Department of Pediatrics at UT Health San Antonio for hosting our very first Lemonade Circle/UTHSC Dept. of Pediatrics STEM Leadership Summit. Big thanks to the incredible duo, Dr. Krystal Robinson and Dr. Steven Schneider, for putting together this event that gave us a hands-on dive into the world of pediatrics.

Engaging with Pediatric Pros:

The STEM Leadership Summit provided an incredible opportunity for participants to engage directly with leading pediatric doctors and students. By attending informative presentations and interactive workshops, the girls gained firsthand knowledge and insights into the dynamic world of pediatrics. They discovered the importance of pediatric medicine in nurturing the well-being of children and how it can lead to real social change in our community.

Connecting with Phenomenal Women:

One of the highlights of the event was the chance to network with inspiring women of color who have made significant contributions to the field of pediatrics. The girls had the privilege to connect with these remarkable professionals, learn from their experiences, and gain valuable mentorship. This aspect of the summit emphasized the importance of representation and provided the girls with role models to look up to as they pursue their own paths in pediatric medicine.

Hands-On Heroes:

The summit wasn't just about lectures. We learned some serious skills, like assisting a baby's first breath and perfecting the art of swaddling newborns. These hands-on activities boosted our confidence and ignited our passion to make a difference in the lives of little patients.

Exploring, Dreaming, and Making Waves:

At the Lemonade Circle, we're all about exploring new opportunities and making a splash. This STEM Leadership Summit was a great way for us to dream big and see ourselves as future leaders in pediatric medicine. We discovered exciting possibilities within the field and realized the impact we can have on child healthcare. This event showed us that exploring new opportunities and making a difference is not only possible but also incredibly fun.


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