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Her Time To Play Clinic

The Lemonade Circle recently teamed up with the San Antonio Spurs for an exciting event focused on empowerment and fun. The "Her Time To Play" clinic with was a fantastic opportunity for girls to come together, learn valuable life skills, and enjoy a memorable basketball experience.

At the clinic, we covered a range of important topics, from discussing mental health to building toughness and promoting positivity. Through engaging activities, we helped our girls turn life's lemons into refreshing lemonade, empowering them to overcome challenges with resilience and optimism.

One of the highlights of the event was the chance for our girls to shoot some hoops before the game. They had the opportunity to showcase their skills, build confidence, and bond with fellow participants in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Following the clinic, our girls were treated to an exciting game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis basketball team at the Frost Center. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, filled with cheering, excitement, and camaraderie.

We're incredibly grateful to the San Antonio Spurs for their partnership and support in making this event possible. Together, we're inspiring girls to dream big, believe in themselves, and reach their full potential both on and off the court. Here's to many more empowering moments ahead! 🍋🏀✨


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