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A Runway of Dreams: Recap of Our Second-Annual Lemon Essence Fundraising Fashion Show!

Lights, camera, fashion! Our Second-Annual Lemon Essence Fundraising Fashion Show was an absolute dazzler, and we're here to give you the front-row scoop on all the glamour and grace that unfolded on Saturday, Feb 17th. 🌟🍋

Gratitude Overflow

Firstly, a massive shoutout to everyone who joined us on this spectacular evening. Your support filled the room with an energy that was simply electric. A heartfelt thank you to our incredible community for making this night a shining success. You could truly FEEL the Lemon Essence, and we're beyond grateful. 🙌🍋

A Night to Remember

The purpose of the show went beyond the glitz and glamour. It was about shining a spotlight on Black Designers and Nonprofits in the SA community. Our members took center stage, modeling in the Runway Show, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Showcasing Excellence

We were honored to showcase designs by the talented Anora Designs & Project Prom Dress. The runway came alive with a burst of creativity, and the sold-out show spoke volumes about the love and support our community showered upon us.

Behind the Scenes Magic

Our models were treated like the stars they are. Professional Digitals by Serendipity Social Co, Runway Coaching, and a full #GlamSquad backstage ensured that every moment was picture-perfect.

Gratitude Roll Call

A special thank you to all the hands that made this evening so perfect! Our hosts, Ryn Pitts & Truth Pierce, brought their charisma to the stage. Models Naz King, Rhiauna Starks, Laila Gordon, Ayanna Blackmore, & Kerrigan Allwood owned the runway. Designs by Nysha King @anoradesigns_ & @projectpromdresssa added the perfect touch of elegance. Makeup by Alex Lobos @eliteeyebrowssa, hair by Nevaeh Sage & Kenya Davis @kensantionalbeauti, styling by @nemersboutique, and breathtaking photos by @trishalindseyphoto—we couldn't have asked for a more dynamic team.

Venue Vibes

Christian Reed's The Holm Studio provided the perfect backdrop for our runway dreams to come to life.

Cheers to a Night of Impact

As the curtains closed on this magical night, we're left with hearts full of gratitude and memories that will echo in our minds. Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey. Here's to more runways, more dreams, and #makingLEMONADE together. 🍋🌟


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