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Fueling Empowerment: The Lemonade Circle's Partnership with Valero Energy

🍋 We are absolutely delighted to announce our fantastic partnership with Valero Energy, a true beacon of support and empowerment.

Valero Energy officially stepped up to become a corporate sponsor of The Lemonade Circle, and they did it in style—with a generous $20,000 check presented during our first corporate-sponsored meeting at the Valero headquarters. Our Lemonade Circle girls got a chance to see the inner workings of this incredible company, leaving empowered and inspired to aim high and break barriers.

Let's kick things off by raising our lemonade glasses in a hearty "Thank You!" to Valero Energy. Their generosity in providing gas cards has been a game-changer, allowing our parents to easily bring our Lemonade Circle members to our meetings and events. The ripple effect was real—our participation and engagement levels soared!

Valero Energy also sponsored our Lemonade Circle jackets. Not only did these jackets keep us warm, but they also helped boost our visibility and name recognition. Talk about a stylish way to spread the word and make a statement! 💪

We're thrilled to welcome Valero Energy into our Circle. Their commitment to our mission has already proven to be a game-changer. From gas cards for parents to jackets for our members, Valero has lit up our journey of empowerment and community building. They're also fueling our future STEM initiatives, supporting our #litcircle with book clubs, and standing strong as we empower young women of color to become leaders on their campuses and in their communities. 🌟

A huge shoutout to Laura Vaccaro and Seymour Battle, III for being the shining stars of our journey. Your support and inspiration are exactly what we need to keep our Lemonade Circle shining bright. You embody our core values of Leading by Example and Discovering the Power of One—thank you for being the beacon of empowerment!

So here's to Valero Energy, to partnerships that ignite change, and to every drop of lemonade that goes into #makingLEMONADE. Let's keep fueling empowerment and embracing every opportunity to inspire, empower, and uplift. 🍋


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