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Empowering Moments: The Lemonade Circle x UTSA Women’s Basketball Team Safe Space Circle

At The Lemonade Circle, we believe in the power of sisterhood, empowerment, and creating safe spaces where meaningful conversations can unfold. On Tuesday, September 12, we had the incredible honor of hosting our second Safe Space Circle, and it was nothing short of PHENOMENAL! Our special guests? The inspiring UTSA Women’s Basketball Team.

Our founder, Brandi, along with Ryn, our Director of Marketing, led a heartfelt and empowering conversation with these remarkable young women. The aim was simple yet profound: to create a space where feelings and perspectives could flow freely, fostering connection and growth.

It was a moment of shared vulnerability, strength, and empowerment. The synergy between The Lemonade Circle and the UTSA Women’s Basketball Team was electric, leaving everyone in the room more EMPOWERED than when they started.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Coach Ashton for extending the invitation, allowing us into the world of these incredible Queens. The bond forged that day goes beyond the circle; it marks the beginning of a powerful partnership and sisterhood. 🍋🏀🧡💙

True impact, as we believe, is not just in words but in action and relationships. The Lemonade Circle is all about ACTION. We are a CIRCLE of women on a mission to EMPOWER and INSPIRE young women of color to #makeLEMONADE. 🍋💜

And this, dear friends, is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more empowering moments, more impactful partnerships, and more opportunities to come together, learn, grow, and inspire. Because at The Lemonade Circle, we're not just about sipping lemonade; we're about creating it, one empowering moment at a time. 🍋🧡💙


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