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ChocoLIT & Lemonade: A Literacy Circle Event

On July 1st, The Lemonade Circle held their second #ChocoLIT & Lemonade Literacy Circle event, hosted by the fabulous TLC members Nevaeh and Lenae Sage.

The Carver Library was filled with laughter and smiles as we gathered together to package all the amazing donations we received from our Black Hair Care Drive. It was an absolute blast! Who knew that packaging could be so much fun?

We also dived into the book "Hair Love" by Matthew A. Cherry. This beautiful story allowed us to reflect on our own experiences and share stories with one another. It was a truly special moment where TLC members bonded, supported each other, and celebrated the power of sisterhood.

One of the biggest takeaways from this event was the reminder of how vital it is to create a safe space for ourselves and build a strong sisterhood. In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic, having a community where we can come together, share our experiences, and uplift one another is truly priceless.

Now, let's give a big virtual round of applause to all the generous folks who donated to our drive. Your contributions are making a significant impact! Within the next month, we'll be delivering the donations to BoysVille Inc, Pathways Youth and Family Services, and The Youth Center of Texas—an organization that specializes in sex trafficking and other support services. Your generosity is truly changing lives, and we couldn't be more grateful!

We want to take a moment to acknowledge our amazing community. None of this would be possible without your support and encouragement. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being the driving force behind our mission to empower young women and help them #makeLEMONADE.

So, let's keep spreading the love, celebrating sisterhood, and diving into the magic of literacy. Together, we can create a world where young women feel confident, supported, and inspired to chase their dreams. Remember, every small act of kindness has the power to make a big difference!

Until next time,

The Lemonade Circle Team


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