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Spreading Love and Self-Care

In May to honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Lemonade Circle is proud to highlight one of our year-round initiatives: the Lemonade Circle Mental Health Care Boxes. This empowering initiative is dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of young women within our organization and the wider San Antonio community. This year, we distributed a total of 100 care boxes to middle schools in San Antonio, each filled with comforting items like coloring books, journals, fuzzy socks, lotion, and more. We carefully selected items that promote self-love and well-being. These boxes serve as a source of comfort, reflection, and support for girls who may be navigating anxiety, depression, or simply having a challenging day. Together, we're making a positive difference in the lives of these incredible young women, reminding them that they are not alone on their journey to better mental health.

Our focus was on reaching out to girls of color in our community because we believe in celebrating diversity and empowering every young girl to embrace her unique beauty and strength. It's crucial for them to know that they are deserving of love, care, and happiness. We collaborated with local schools to identify girls who could benefit from a little extra love and attention. We wanted to make sure that our efforts made a meaningful impact on their lives. The response from the schools was overwhelming, and we were thrilled to see how eager they were to support our initiative.

It was truly a team effort! Our Lemonade Circle community came together to donate items, assemble the boxes, and add personalized notes of encouragement. The outpouring of support and generosity was incredible, and it warmed our hearts to see everyone rallying around this cause.

We recently had the joy of delivering these self-care boxes to the girls, and the reactions were priceless. The smiles, the excitement, and the gratitude expressed by these young girls touched our souls. It reminded us of the power of simple acts of kindness and how they can make a big difference in someone's life.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed, whether through donations, time, or words of encouragement. Your support helped make this project possible, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Remember, you too have the ability to bring smiles and love to those around you. Let's continue to come together, uplift one another, and make this world a better and more compassionate place. Cheers to spreading love, one self-care box at a time!

Until next time,

The Lemonade Circle Team


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