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Celebrating the Content Queens Ambassador Program

Can we get a virtual high-five for an absolutely sensational summer? 🎉🌞 We're still buzzing with excitement as we look back on the fantastic journey of our first-ever Content Queens Social Media Summer Ambassador Program. And what better way to wrap it all up than with a fabulous Content Queen Brunch? 🥳💜📸

A Summer Like No Other

From the get-go, this summer was all about embracing creativity, learning, and empowerment. The @thelemonadecircle X @serendipitysocialco partnership was pure magic. For three months, three talented TLC members, ages 13-16, stepped into the world of content creation, photography, and branding alongside Ryn Pitts, the Founder & CEO of @serendipitysocialco.

A Journey of Highlights

Let's talk highlights—because we had plenty! 🍋 Here's a peek into the memorable moments that defined our Content Queens Ambassador Program's 23':

📸 Branding Photoshoot & Social Media Magic: We kicked things off with a bang, curating an incredible branding photoshoot and social media content plan for the local home baker extraordinaire, @mshrm_stw. Who knew capturing delicious treats could be this much fun?

📸 Collaboration Extravaganza: It wasn't just about learning; it was about applying those skills. Our full-service photoshoot day was a whirlwind of creativity, featuring fabulous local women-owned businesses like @eliteeyebrowssa, @nemersboutique, and @defiantboutique. With the aspiring model and actress @piercetruth in the spotlight, we crafted content that radiated empowerment.

📸 Making Waves: But hey, it wasn't all work and no play. Our ambassadors hosted an epic end-of-summer pool party, infusing the fun and energy that's at the heart of The Lemonade Circle.

Looking Forward to the Future

As we sat down to discuss our queens' favorites and least favorites from the program, something became crystal clear—we're eagerly counting down to next summer! 🌈 With every insight, every lesson learned, and every smile shared, we're thrilled about the improvements and opportunities that await our future Content Queens.

So here's to summer adventures, to growth, and to the bonds that make our community stronger. As we wrap up this remarkable journey, we're raising a glass to the Content Queens who've illuminated our summer with creativity, inspiration, and endless possibilities.


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