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Celebrating Juneteenth at the Art of 4 Luncheon

The recent Juneteenth Art of 4 Luncheon, hosted by Eye of the Beholder Art Gallery & Studio, was a fun event that brought together the community in a celebration of empowerment, creativity, and inspiration. The Lemonade Circle is incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to support and engage with our community partners. The event was filled with joy, art, and connections, reminding us of the power we have to make a positive impact in our community.

A special shoutout goes to Ms. Brandi, who loves spending time with her girls from the Lemonade Circle. Ms. Brandi's passion and dedication to the community are truly inspiring, and her infectious smile never fails to uplift those around her. The Lemonade Circle cherishes these moments of camaraderie and friendship, as they reflect the essence of our mission to empower, celebrate, and inspire.

Through our involvement in events like these, we continue to empower, celebrate, and inspire our Lemonade Circle Members. This is how we make lemonade, and we look forward to many more opportunities to contribute to the betterment of our community.


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