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The Ultimate Self-Care Session: Loving All of Me Workshop Recap

A Saturday packed with self-love, skin care wisdom, and a whole lot of sisterhood. That's what our Loving All of Me workshop was all about—a dynamic day dedicated to embracing natural beauty, from stunning skin to fabulous hair. Through surveys and conversations, we learned from each other and shared our own experiences, building connections and fostering a strong sense of sisterhood.

We're all about celebrating what makes us uniquely us, and our Loving All of Me workshop did just that. A huge shoutout goes to our partners, the UT Health San Antonio Dermatology Interest Group, for making this event possible. Their dedication to our well-being and their expertise in dermatology sresonated deeply with us.

The workshop wasn't just about skin and hair care routines – although those were definitely covered. We delved deep into the heart of self-love and self-acceptance. Our amazing Black dermatologists took the stage to guide us through the ins and outs of healthy skin care. From debunking myths to dropping skincare gems, their expertise was so valuable. With every curl, kink, and coil, our hair is a beautiful canvas of self-expression. Our workshop didn't just celebrate our hair—it celebrated the journey of caring for it.


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