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Marathon Petroleum's Generous Support Empowers Future Women Leaders

The Lemonade Circle extends its gratitude to Judy Feldmeier and Tacora Mitchell from Marathon Petroleum for their support and generosity. We were honored by the invitation extended to our founder and CEO, Brandi Coleman, to discuss the resilience, grit, and courage of women of color during Women’s History Month.

Brandi was thrilled to participate in the conversation, highlighting the incredible journeys and achievements of women of color throughout history. It was an opportunity to celebrate the strength and tenacity of women who have overcome obstacles and blazed trails in various fields.

We are grateful to Marathon Petroleum for their generous donation of $1000. These funds will play a crucial role in fueling our mission to empower future women leaders through mentorship, education, and community engagement initiatives.

Together, we are rewriting history and creating a brighter, more equitable future for all. Thank you, Marathon Petroleum, for your commitment to empowering women and for being a valuable partner in our journey. Together, we are #makingLEMONADE and inspiring positive change in our communities.


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