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KSAT 12 Feature

Since 2019, the fight against hair discrimination has been gaining momentum with the introduction of The Crown Act—a proposed bill aimed at ending discrimination based on natural hairstyles and textures. Although the bill faced setbacks after being blocked in the United States Senate, the need to combat hair discrimination, particularly within the Black community, remains critical.

Recently, members of The Lemonade Circle took action by meeting with District 2 Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez to garner support for presenting The Crown Act to the City Council. Sharing personal stories of how hair discrimination has impacted them, these courageous young women highlighted the urgent need for change.

Councilman McKee-Rodriguez, moved by their testimonies, filed a Council Consideration Request, marking the first step in the lengthy process toward turning The Crown Act into city law. Despite the challenges ahead, both The Lemonade Circle and Councilman McKee-Rodriguez remain steadfast in their commitment to advancing this important cause.

As they continue their fight for equality, The Lemonade Circle sends a powerful message to all who have experienced hair discrimination or felt pressured to conform: Our crowns hold history and meaning, and it's time to embrace our natural beauty without fear or hesitation.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative and create a future where everyone's unique identity is celebrated and respected. Join us in supporting The Crown Act and advocating for change at every level of society.


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