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Stirring Up Empowerment

One girl at a time...

The Lemonade Circle is dedicated to EMPOWERING young women of color in San Antonio, with an emphasis on Black females, in 5th grade and beyond to #makeLEMONADE out of life's lemons. From enriching experiences to empowering connections, we're here to fuel their dreams, foster their growth, and celebrate their unique identities. Join us, and together, let's create a world where every young woman of color shines brightly, making a refreshing and lasting impact on the world.

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Add Some Zest...

Are you ready to join the Circle?

As a Lemonade Circle member, get ready to spice up your life with a monthly dose of awesome events. From STEM adventures to career learning that will light up your path. We've got it all covered. Get ready ignite your passion for civic engagement, nurture your career dreams, celebrate your unique identity, raise your voice for what matters, and and sprinkle positive change throughout your community. Join the Circle and let's create memories, grow together, and make our world a little sweeter!

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 Squeeze Out Generosity 

The Lemonade Circle is blossoming like never before!
We need your support to make this lemonade dream a reality.
Whether it's a small squeeze or a big splash, every donation counts!
Cheers to making a difference!

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