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Our Program Model 

In 2021, Lemonade Circle adopted the Empowerment Circle Model. Check out some of the benefits below:  

  • Girls earn community service hours for attendance in Empowerment circles

  • Empowerment Circles provide girls with targeted activities that address the values of LEMONADE

  • Girls build relationships with girls and women in their Empowerment Circle

Empowerment Circles

Girl Engineering ExhibitBWsm STEM ALT.jpg


Ellen Cook

The STEM Circle is designed to ENHANCE our girls understanding of STEM fields beyond the typical search engine research. Within our circle, we will ENCOURAGE the girls to take charge of their future careers through culturally relevant conversations, personalized self-paced projects, and ENGAGE in community initiatives designed by women of color in STEM. Our girls will be EXPOSED to powerful, educated, successful women that have learned out how to take life's lemons and #makeLEMONADE.  

A Young Woman Reading a Book


The Literacy Circle is designed to ENGAGE participants in an array of conversations by EXPLORING a variety of literary works, particularly those written by and about women of color.  Within our circle, we will also analyze artwork and participate in community projects that highlight the importance of ELEVATING the Black voice through art. We aim to EMPOWER our girls by EXPOSING them to experiences that will allow them #makeLEMONADE.



Phylicia Felton

The Mental Health Circle is designed to ERASE the stigma of mental health by EDUCATING young women of color on the importance of maintaining mental well-being to promote a healthy, balanced, and productive life. We strive to EXPAND the understanding of the mind-body connection between mental, physical, and spiritual health to improve resiliency during adversity. All of these strategies will EMPOWER our girls to #makeLEMONADE.



Kacie Burris

The Mommy Circle is designed to EMBRACE our moms
and provide them with healing events/opportunities that will allow them to EXPRESS their thoughts and feelings spiritually, mentally, and physically. In our circle, we will share community resources and ENGAGE in professional development exercises that will EMPOWER our moms to #makeLEMONADE


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