Our Program Model 

In 2021, Lemonade Circle adopted the Empowerment Circle Model. In this project-based model, the girls are divided in the Empowerment group that best focuses on their needs each quarter for six weeks. Check out some of the benefits below:  

  • Girls earn community service hours for attendance in Empowerment circles

  • Empowerment Circles provide girls with targeted activities that address the values of LEMONADE

  • Girls build relationships with girls and women in their Empowerment Circle

Empowerment Circles



Danielle Clark

The Boss Up Empowerment Circle is designed to develop the necessary skills that will enable participants to promote sustainable impact in the community. Participants will receive strategies to improve their leadership skills as well as learn how to develop the skills that will build their networks beyond the classroom. Interactive activities will be incorporated that will magnify participants’ voices by providing them with opportunities to discover the power of one. 



Courtney Abanaka

The Mirrors and Windows Empowerment Circle is designed to expose participants to a variety of literary and artistic works. Participants will heighten their awareness of societal norms and underlying themes that are often found in various media and rarely discussed in today’s classrooms. Discussions will take place that will encourage both self-reflection and interpretation. 



Talisha Piper

The Heart to Heart Empowerment Circle is designed to raise awareness of health and relationship issues that plague women of color.  Participants will research health issues that are often associated with communities of color. Preventative options will be discussed along with other possible resources that may be used in order  to advocate for healthier choices within our schools and communities. 



Shayla Myers

The Community Connections Empowerment Circle is designed to educate participants on the impact of various nonprofits. Participants will learn the role that nonprofits play in our community. Within the circle, participants will create strategies that will allow them to learn how to engage in conversations that will promote the organization’s exposure. (i.e. campaigns)



Stephanie Smith

My Sister’s Keeper Empowerment Circle is designed to arm participants with tools that will help develop a growth mindset. Participants will engage in a variety of exercises that will help improve their self-esteem, self-development, and self-awareness.  Within this circle, participants will discover the fundamental building blocks to becoming a Boss.



Robyn Wyland

The Senior Roundup Empowerment Circle is designed to equip seniors with resources that will make them aware of a multitude of career options. Participants will have opportunities to engage with individuals currently employed within the community. Sessions will include but are not limited to career development, resume writing, financial literacy, and other real life skills that will be needed to become a successful, independent young woman.

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