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About Us

The Lemonade Circle began in 2017 with one mentor, Ms. Brandi, and five amazing ladies in the sixth grade from Davis Middle School. Her mission was to mentor and provide these five girls with opportunities to experience new things that they would not ordinarily get to see in the classroom. She never dreamed that four years later that The Lemonade Circle would become an official nonprofit organization.


Today, The Lemonade Circle has more than sixty girls that represent more than 35 different campuses in and around the San Antonio area.  We also now have several phenomenal women who serve as empowerment leaders over our seven Empowerment Circles (see programs). These leaders help us to increase our level of impact within our community and guide our girls through their leadership journey as they complete community impact projects.


Our big focus is leadership development and civic engagement. The Lemonade Circle strives to ensure that all of our young ladies are given opportunities to be able to identify and network with other women of color within the community. These experiences allow them to learn both the personal and professional skills needed to become advocates for change on their campuses and in their communities.  Our girls are given several opportunities to demonstrate their civic engagement by serving as youth representatives on local, state, and national committees and  nonprofit organizations that are involved in ensuring that equity and equality is accessible for all individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, or political beliefs. 

Together we unite, as a circle,  and work as a team to make LEMONADE out of the lemons that may life bring them––together.




The Lemonade Circle is dedicated to EMPOWERING young women of color in 5th and beyond with opportunities to EXPLORE and ENGAGE with the community. Our focus is to EXTEND our reach beyond the four walls of their classrooms. Our girls are provided with the necessary skills to become leaders on their campuses as well as within their communities through initiatives centered around holistic education, civic engagement, career and identity development, advocacy, and community outreach. 

Intentionally PICKED. Precisely SQUEEZED. Perfectly SERVED.

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Career & Identity


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“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change... I am changing the things I can no longer accept.”  

~Angela Davis

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